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Re: 2.4 Kernel Stability

James wrote:

Thanks for the  webcam URL!

Does anybody have any suggestions as to which kernel sources to use
for a workable kernel that supports all sorts of video, mpeg4, etc....?

I'm trying 2.4.18, but to no avail with Linux4video, xawtv, etc.
What's the best version of the kernel to use to get video with different



Depending on you hardware 2.4.18 is ok. It works for the link i gave you. Read documentation, faqs search web and so on. Your configuration is not correct if nothing works. Try a standard debian 2.4.18 kernel, apt-get it. Read documentation on you specific hardware since this is not a matter where generalization is in order. Also search the web for your specific problems. Dont focus on kernel versions too much, but use your time reading information about your hardware and how to configure kernel correct.
Good luck.

Kenneth Macdonald Karlsen wrote:

James wrote:

James wrote:

apt-get install libncurses5-dbg

did the trick. now the

'make menuconfig' works now so it's off to trying to find the modules
to support (2) usb cameras:

the web cam and the quickcam

If anybody has deb packages or ides how to get these working, under kernel version
2.4.18, let me know


Read this for driver for logitech:


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