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Re: CF-root

Am Die, 2003-07-08 um 17.51 schrieb Hugh Saunders:
Hello Hugh,

> Im attempting to run a laptop [vaio PCG-F304] without a hard disk. The
> plan is to have the root fs on a CF disk in a pcmcia adapter.
Have you ever thought about an IDE-CF adapter? It allows replacing the
laptop's internal HD with a CF card (I hope there is space for an
internal HD in your laptop). The BIOS threatens such an adapter-CF-combo
as a "regular" HD, so you can boot your laptop without any additional
floppies or CD-ROMs. IMHO a quite inexpensive solution (google says
about $20), which could save you the time for figuring out how to fit
all the modules required for PCMCIA on a floppy.


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