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Re: 2.4 Kernel Stability

On Jun/30, James wrote:

> I read that may people are running 2.4.x kernels on their portables. Is
> there a (semi) stable release of  Debian 2.4, that I can run on a portable?

	I compile my own kernels, so I'm not sure if the Debian-packaged ones
work as they should. I just can tell you that I'm running 2.4.20, with some
not specially common options (LVM), and it works flawlessly.

> I have a Prostar P-IV running at 2GHz....

	Well, I only have a Compaq Armada 3500, which is somewhat old now (I
think it's from 1999; bought it second hand). Newer laptops may have more
unsupported devices.

> /dev/dsp            device not found and not working i.e. no sound. (I 
> prefer Alsa)

	What soundcard is it?

> CD/DVD         anything as the native deb install does not allow much of 
> anything to work

	This surprises me. Do you mean that the CD is not detected? I don't
know what could have gone wrong here, because CD should be detected as any IDE
one :-m

> Could a portable boot 2 kernels (2.2.a and 2.4) from lilo without having 
> the installed packages wig out?

	Sure. Just use Lilo or Grub to have a boot menu and choose the kernel
that you want.

> I really do not want to install everthing twice, but, if I have to I could
> do this and test all that is critical on 2.4, before deleteing the 2.2
> kernel and packages? Suggestions and pointers to a  howto?

	I'd advice to just install the new 2.4 kernel. You can have two
kernels at the same time in the computer, though (obviously) not running the
two at the same time :-) Install the latest 2.4, configure your boot manager
to let you choose what to boot, and check what's wrong with 2.4. Any problems
that you have, you can tell them here.

Roberto Suarez Soto					Alfa21 Outsourcing
    robe@alfa21.com				     http://www.alfa21.com

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