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Re: 2.4 Kernel Stability

[20030630] James (wireless@tampabay.rr.com) wrote:

> I read that may people are running 2.4.x kernels on their portables. Is 
> there a (semi) stable release
> of  Debian 2.4, that I can run on a portable?

Even woody has 2.4.18. On your boot cd type bf24 [enter]...

> I have a Prostar P-IV running at 2GHz....

You defenitely need 2.4 to get 100% from that monster :)

> Could a portable boot 2 kernels (2.2.a and 2.4) from lilo without having 
> the installed packages wig out?

As many as you want. Just add the right entries in your
/etc/lilo.conf and run lilo.

> This way I can test everything on the same portable BEFORE making a 
> permanent commitment to 2.4.

For a debian pre-compiled kernel :
$ apt-cache search kernel-image-2.4
$ apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.'LATEST VERSION'-686

The other option is to compile your own kernel, even with acpi
support (w/ patches), since your laptop must be an acpi one :
$ apt-get install kernel-source-2.4'LATEST VERSION'
(for non-ACPI)


fetch 2.4.21 from www.kernel.org & the appropriate patch from

In both cases read the 'kernel compile how-to' in LDP.

$ apt-get install kernel-package libncurses-dev
$ man make-kpkg

to compile it the "debian way" :)

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