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Re: thinkpad R40 sarge install PCI_IDE unknown

Matej Cepl wrote:
On 2003-06-25, 20:59 GMT, Florian Konnertz wrote:

I need help with the sarge install procedure. I use sarge because it has the 2.4.20 and the e100 ethernet module which is needed for my IBM Thinkpad R40, and i had problems with dpkg the 2.4.20 kernel when installing woody.

You certainly do not need sarge -- kernel being a kernel doesn't depend
on more or less anything, so you can compile 2.4.20 on woody without any
big problems. At least that's what I do and I do not see any problem
with that. If you want to use Debian on notebook you have to recompile
kernel anyway (APM), so why not to get newer kernel?

Ok, you're right - I know that. It's just because i am frustrated. - i tried to dpkg the newer kernel and had too old modutils and other problems and i had no fun putting everything on it by burning cds....

I will try to install woody again, let's say tomorrow. I will ask on this list probably again then. ;)

But anyway i'd be glad if someone would tell me the missing the modules so i can acces my devices meanwhile.



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