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RE: Acer Travelmate 280

I don't have access to the laptop right now,
so I'll send that tonight...


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Can you please post the output from dmesg? And what does just plain
ifconfig tell you?


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Subject: Acer Travelmate 280


I got an Acer Travelmate 280.  I installed
Debian Woody, and I upgraded to Sarge via FTP.
Everything went fine, but I needed a kernel
> 2.4.11 that supports my video card.

I apt-got kernel-source-2.4.20, compiled the 
kernel, installed it and rebooted...

Now, I dont have any network anymore...
The card is a Realtek 8139, that I selected
in the kernel.  I even tried to use it as
a module, but that didn't help neither.
I see that the module is loaded, but it's all.

I can do a "ping", but I cant ping other
computers.  When I do an "ifconfig eth0", I can
see that my IP is good.  It's really the card that
isn't communicating.  I see the small red light,
but there's no traffic...

What did I do wrong? Should I select other
options in the kernel? Any HOWTO's that can help 
me?  Anyone some other suggestions?

I thank you all,


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