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Re: Help selecting used laptop and peripherals to run debian woody

    "Pierre" == Pierre B <Pierre> writes:

    Pierre> I've been asked to help someone select and buy a second
    Pierre> hand laptop and install debian (woody) on it.

    Pierre> I'm seeking advice concerning both trouble free
    Pierre> installation, and, more importantly, trouble free use.

    Pierre>    Considerations that are not obvious to someone who is
    Pierre> experienced installing debian, redhat, mandrake and
    Pierre> windows, but only on desktops?

    Pierre>    For context, the requirement is more for mobility and
    Pierre> small footprint inside the building rather than frequent
    Pierre> travel.

I've been using Debian Woody (and in the last few months, Sarge) on a
Sony VAIO N505VE and a Compaq Armada M300 for a few years now with no
trouble to speak of. 

The Sony uses a non-standard IDE CDROM interface so the installation
requires a few parameters easily found with a Google search these days
(which was not true when I first used it).

Both computers are small, convenient, but I am not thrilled about
sheer physical build quality. Lots of small broken bits.


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