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Id "S" Respawning too fast

I've got Debian 3.0r1 on my ancient Gateway Solo 2500 laptop (Intel
Celeron chip 300 MHz, 4.0GB HD, 96MB RAM).  Now whenever I start up the
computer I get a screen full of error messages regarding the usage of
the getty command, and the notification, "INIT: Id "S" respawning too
fast: disabled for 5 minutes".  Then it happens again.  This only
happens when I'm in console mode and not when I'm running X (and I would
much prefer to run this computer in console mode, since X look
absolutely god-awful on this computer's display).

I've figured out that there's a line in /etc/inittab which looks like

S:12345:respawn:/sbin/getty ttyS3

and it looks like, to me, it's trying to initialize the modem or
something. The modem is a PCMCIA card.

I've tried commenting out this line in /etc/inittab, but when I restart
the computer, the line is restored to /etc/inittab.

Any suggestions or ideas would be more than welcome!
Richard S. Crawford
AIM: Buffalo2K / Y!: rscrawford / ICQ: 11640404
http://www.mossroot.com http://www.stonegoose.com
"It is only with our heart that we can see clearly.  What is essential
is invisible to the eye."  --Antoine de Saint Exupery

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