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Re: can't bring up eth0 correctly

charles yoo wrote:
I should have written /etc/network/interfaces.

In reading a few things on the net, a lot of people suggested to have the
autho eth0 commented out.  This is for a laptop.  I'm coming from redhat,
and once dhcp is set, you can more or less leave it that way.

All that I'm trying to do at the moment is get eth0 up and running.  I get
alerts saying that there is no such process or device.

When I restart networking, I expect to see eth0 come up, but it doesn't.

Please read more carefully what I wrote below. If you comment out the 'auto eth0' entry, eth0 will not come up when you restart networking. Try 'ifup eth0' to manually bring up the interface.

In /etc/network/interfaces, I have the following information

I am basically looking to configure for dhcp only.  I have removed netenv,
because it did not seem to work too well for me.  Maybe misconfigured.

Please consider including the additinion information I listed in my first message, as it will make it easier for others to help you. (And please include the actual contents of your /etc/network/interfaces rather than your summary of the contents.)

-- jason

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