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Re: can't bring up eth0 correctly

charles yoo wrote:
I just went through my woody install on Inspiron 8200. On the initial installation, it gets its ip via dhcp. All good. I did an apt-get for the 2.4-18 kernel, recompiled it with some changes, restart and no more. On ifconfig I see lo and eth0, but I don’t get anything.

In /etc/interfaces I have auto eth0 commented out and eth0 set for dhcp.

Shouldn't that be "/etc/network/interfaces"?

I'm a little confused about what you are trying to do, and what exactly is failing. The line "auto eth0" that you commented out is the line that causes the interface to be configured on boot. It is quite common to not want the interface to be configured on boot for a laptop. However, if you remove the 'auto' entry, you need manually bring up the interface using 'ifup eth0'. Have you tried doing that?

If I manually try to assign the numbers it seems like it takes it. But when I add route gateway, I get that there is no such device.

Did you bring up the interface after setting the address? Presumably you are using ifconfig to set the address. Try "ifconfig eth0 up".

Any suggestions?

Your /etc/network/interfaces file should look something like this:

#auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

You should then bring up the interface by doing:
ifup eth0

If the interface fails to come up, check your system logs for error messages.

I think you might need to post a bit more information before anyone can be any more specific with an answer.
  What is the network chip?
  Is it pcmcia/pccard or internal?
  What are the contents of your /etc/network/interfaces
  What commands are you using to set the IP address?
  What error message are you getting when you try to set the default route?
  What related error messages are you seeing in your syslog?
  What dhcp client do you have installed?

-- jason

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