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Re: running a framebuffer desktop (no X)?

Eric Sproul <esproul@ntelos.net> writes:

> I have an old Compaq LTE Elite 4/75CXL, with 32MB of RAM and a 500MB
> hard drive.  I don't want to run X for obvious reasons, but I would like
> to see if I can get a framebuffer-based desktop going.  I've read about
> GTKfb, which looks pretty cool, and I understand there are some window
> managers for a setup like this.  My screen is about 10" diagonal, so I
> could get a few terminal windows on it.  ;)

I ran X on a 486DX4 with 32MB for a long time. Translated lots of books
on it, using WordPerfect. Not that slow, if you run a light window
Hilsen Harald.

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