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Acpi - battery - Acer


I'm having a strange problem with acpi...

When I look in the directory /proc/acpi/battery,
I see two directories with the same name.
These two directories are called "0" (zero).

So, there is twice a directory /proc/acpi/battery/0...

Has anyone an explanation for this?  Shouldn't
that be "0" and "1" or something like that? Or "BAT0" and

The /proc/acpi/battery/0/info and the /proc/acpi/battery/0/status
tell me that there is no battery available, although there is one.

I'm using an Acer Travelmate 613, kernel version
2.4.20. I compiled acpi into the kernel (not as
a module).

When I look in /var/log/dmesg, I see that one 
battery is detected, and another one isn't.  So
I think the battery is well detected, but because
there are two directories with the same name in
/proc/acpi/battery, I only see the not-detected one...

The other acpi-functions seems to work well...

Anyone has an idea?



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