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Re: PCMCIA Wireless Card

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 04:16:35PM -0500, L. A. Linden Levy wrote:
> Hi Debian laptopers,
> I would like to purchase a wireless 802.11b card for use with my
> compaq 2135US laptop running debian woody (2.4.20 with acpi
> patch). However I am not sure if the cards all work under just pcmcia
> or if they require drivers as well. Could you let me know which
> (reasonably priced cards) work and what drivers if any they
> require. Any elaboration on your experirnces with this technology
> would be greatly appreciated, this is my first journey into the
> wireless realm and I fell a bit lost.
I use a orinoco gold 11mb card with the orinoco drivers in the 2.4.20
kernel.  Pretty easy to setup and I have a Orinoco RG1000 as a access
point/residential gateway that operates as a transparent bridge.  The
gold cards are pretty easy to setup and I've been using them for a few
years now.  I used them before with the proprietary drivers which
required patching the pcmcia sources but the drivers in the kernel are
much nicer.  YOu will also want the wireless tools deb package when you
get ready.

I used them at work for awhile as well and I've never had problems with
them.  In fact, using one right now on a Dell Inspiron I4100 running
debian unstable.

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