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Re: Help with XFree

www.linux-laptop.net is our friend.

I looked it up and found under 
http://t2100cdt.kippona.net/linux/lte5200/ the following, which might 
be the solution for your laptop:


in X 4.1.x you can use the "vesa" driver at 800x600 16 bit no problem 
at all! gave up on the "cirrus" driver after finding out i could use 
vesa. no idea if there's a performance hit at all but it goes and thats 
all that counts for me! maybe someone else can shed some light on how 
to use the cirrus driver to get more speed, but this will get you going 
in the meantime :) hope it helps someone! 

Darren b@wadda.org"

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From: Scott Cann <scottcann@linuxmail.org>
Date: Monday, June 2, 2003 1:46 pm
Subject: Help with XFree

> I have a Compaq LTE 5280, I have installed 'Woody', and I can't 
> configure XF86
> Now I looked at older posts and the reason I get is
> Cirrus 7534 chip is not supported in XFree 4.whatever
> The help I need is can I install XFree 3.3.whatever
> on top of XFree 4. If so how do I go about it.
> I am newbie, but my head is on my shoulders not up somewhere else.
> Thanks for your help
> Scott Cann
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