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Re: XFree86, i830m, 1400x1050

Herbert Volkmann wrote:

Hej guys!

Does anybody know if it is possible to get a resolution of about 1400x1050 with an intel i830m chipset??

The main problem seems to be that the Acer BIOS does not have a VESA mode entry for the specified resolution. For some reason XFree uses this mode table to determine what can be done; because the mode is missing the machine cannot be put in that resolution.

Is it possible to patch the firmware, download another driver all except change the laptop!!

I tried to ask intel for a patch and I tried to ask dawes, a guy of the XFree Project who has written a version of the driver.

I would be pleased if someone might help me.

Best Regards,

Herbert Volkmann

Hello Herbert,

I also have a laptop with an Intel I830M chipset and the HP Pavilion BIOS is the same as the Acer bios problem. Probably both the same BIOS essentially. Linux support has been something of a nightmare for this chipset/vesa bios issue. The VESA Mode Table thing came up before, and I ended up running across an XFree86 core developer, Abraham VonDe Merwe in South Africa. His email is abraham@2d3d.co.za I asked him about paying him to develop this patch and he referred me to his employer. That sounds more expensive than paying him some money to write the patch. I last talked to him in April 2002.



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