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Re: Vaio PCG-R505TSK Installation Trouble

    "Johannes" == Johannes Graumann <graumann@its.caltech.edu> writes:

    Johannes> This is quite possible, but it would imply that the
    Johannes> installation carries over the boot flags I set when
    Johannes> booting into the netinstall ('ide2=0x180,0x386') - since
    Johannes> I don't tell the kernel anything (willingly) and have
    Johannes> not set additional boot parameters during the
    Johannes> installation process (when asked for them). Is that
    Johannes> likely? If this really is the case: how do I check/get
    Johannes> rid of them? Is there somewhere a file that would
    Johannes> contain these parameters to be red at boot?  Joh

Well, you got me thinking now, and perhaps I owe you a correction and
an apology. Is this a PCMCIA CD ROM? I don't know the exact model you
have and perhaps your CD ROM drive is built in. I have a 3 year old
N505VE with an external PCMCIA CD ROM device. I can reproduce your
symptoms exactly in the manner I have described. Passing the ide
parameter causes PCMCIA startup to cause a kernel panic.

If it is a PCMCIA CD drive you have try removing it when you boot. If
it boots, then that is almost certainly a confirmation of PCMCIA being
the suspect.

If it is not a PCMCIA CD ROM I would suggest you look in
/etc/lilo.conf for parameters that might be passed on boot (or
/boot/grub/... if you are using grub). Based on what you say above, I
don't think this is the case.

Since you can boot into single user mode, I suggest you watch the boot
sequence with some care and see what the last activity is before the
panic. It does seem like something in /etc/rc2.d/ is the

I'm starting to suspect that your hardware is significantly different
from my somewhat aged machine. Let us know what happens anyway.

Good luck!

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