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Re: two questions

"Alessandro Speranza" <speranza@math.unifi.it> writes:
> 1)I've got my laptop (compaq Presario 700) running debian stable (thanks
> to everyone who put up on the web some information about ACPI and other
> issues with this laptop). Now I would need something with which I can
> autodect the network (if present) I'm connected to amongst a few
> possibilities (just two + the home-no nets situation for me). I remember
> that some time ago someone passed this information on the list, but I
> can't quite recall it anymore. And in fact there are probably more
> advanced tools on the web now.

There was a pretty good summary of tools in debian-user not too long
ago by Martin Krafft. Here's the Google URL for the thread:


Sorry for the URL length, but that's what Google gave me.

No clue on your second question.


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