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Re: Mobile modems

Salve Andy!

Am Mittwoch, 26. März 2003 15:34 schrieb Andy Swallow:
> Quick question:
> Any pros/cons that I should be aware of?

Quick answer,
do you mean GSM-modems?
AFAIK is it not possibel to recieve Fax with Linux and a GSM-Modem.
If you not have to mobile-provider-cards, I would prever a mobile Phone 
with a build in modem, BlueTooth and GPRS when you like it.
BlueTooth is very well supported, but I haven't tested my BT moblile yet.
Is this what your are interested in?
Or in PCMCIA Cards?

Or does you mean modems for analog wired telephone?
Then aware of Windows-Modems, see www.linmodems.org

General information-place www.tuxmobil.org

For more details, please ask more detailed.

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