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Re: Modem on Fujitsu C1020

Jordi Cerdan [Monday, 24. March 2003 14:13]:
>| Hey,

hey too.

No dialtone: Another silly idea, but did you check the connectors ?
It's not impossible there's something mis- 'wired' .... 
at least in germany, there exist different types of connectors.
Perhaps you can try the same modem and line with a Win or another working OS 
( from your or from another Laptop ). Would be a good idea, anyway.

Is the modem driver correctly loaded (lsmod after 'pon' ), does the ppp 
process start up at all, what does it report  (/var/log/syslog, ppp.log, 
damoen.log ) ?

>| >     I have encountered some problems on configuring the modem under
>| > Debian Woody. I have installed the conexant HSF modem (it seems to be
>| > this one as the vendor ID and the Device ID are correct) but always i
>| > try to connect (I have configured the connection with pppconfig) the
>| > modem says there's no dialtone.
>| e.g. http://www.mbsi.ca/cnxtlindrv/hsf/downloads.html ?
>| ...
>| >     I live in Andorra. Could that be a problem for dialtone detection?
>| Hmm. Perhaps the modem doesn't understand catalan ?


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