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XFree86.4.3.0 and some more


I installed XFree86.4.3.0 last week because this version supported my
ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 screen. I have some problems after this.
(I am able to run startx and everything looks nice that far :)

1. The session manager is lost somewhere...
When I log on I only recieve the bw promt. How do
I fix that? I want to be able to choose from KDE and Gnome etc.

2. When I lower my screen there is a switch which triggs the machine
into a APM mode or something. Everything gets black when the screen
is raised again and what I do to start work again is to re-log-on. Takes
some time. I would simply like to be able to lower my screen whenever
I need to.

3. Mouse problem. How do I detect external mouse in debian?

Any help?


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