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Re: Touch Pad Drivers

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 09:43:33 -0700
Carl Baldwin <carl@ecbaldwin.net> wrote:

> Are there any XFree86 drivers that handle touchpads
> specifically.  I poked around the XFree86 site for a while
> and couldn't find anything. Specifically, I would like to
> be able to scroll with the touch pad.
> Also, I remember being able to do this with an older
> laptop, I would like to be able to use all three buttons
> by tapping on the touch pad: tap with one finger for left
> button, two fingers for the middle button and three for
> the right button.  I thought it was really cool and have
> no idea where to find such drivers.
> Does anyone know of drivers that I could use to get at
> least some extra functionality out of my touch pad?
I've heard of a driver from Synaptics,
that feature all those things that you mentioned
so if your touchpad is Synaptics  you could use it
with the driver. You can get the source from the web.
But I've never used it so I can't give you an url :-)
Good Luck

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