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Re: pcmcia problem with 2.4.19

Thanks to Derek and Neal for the fix. Changing to PCIC=yenta_socket
fixed the problem and the card is working again now. Thanks to you

To answer Derek's question:

--- Derek Broughton <dbroughton@netcom.ca> wrote:
> > I read where the new pcmcia required hotplug, so I installed the
> > hotplug package but it still does not work.
> Where'd you read that?  It wouldn't be "suggested" if it was needed.

That was poor wording on my part. I meant it was required for *me*. I
was referring to the following paragraphs in

Xircom CardBus cards are supported by a separate driver ('Xircom
Tulip-like CardBus', xircom_tulip_cb, CONFIG_PCMCIA_XIRTULIP).  Hot
plug PCI drivers are not managed by cardmgr; they are managed by the
"hotplug" subsystem.  See http://linux-hotplug.sourceforge.net for
information about this new facility.  When cardmgr sees a card that is
owned by a hot plug PCI driver, it will ignore that card.  There will
be one beep when these cards are inserted/ejected, but they will be
identified only as a "CardBus hotplug device" in the log files.

o With the introduction of the Hot Plug PCI subsystem, CardBus drivers
  now no longer act like other PCMCIA drivers; most obviously, they
  don't interact with the PCMCIA device configuration scripts.  These
  devices are configured using the "hotplug" scripts.

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