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Re: Sound for a mute Thinkpad?

Nate Bargmann wrote:

Hi all.

I have as my road warrior a (getting older by the minute) Thinkpad
760ED.  Great solid machine, beautiful display, except it has the
infamous MWave DSP sound hardware.  Some work was done by some IBM
engineers to support the modem function of MWave in a few newer model
TPs, but never the sound side.

A thought crossed my mind recently that a PCMCIA sound card might do the
trick.  Alas, few PCMCIA sound cards seem to have been made and their
support in pcmcia-cs is non-existant.  So I guess I'm left to find
a newer laptop for sound support unless someone has an idea.  I haven't
tried the PC Speaker support yet as it likely doesn't have good fidelity
or support a microphone input (I'd like to use sound support in
conjunction with ham radio projects).  There was also mention I found of
a parallel port sound device, but I suspect it suffers from the same
limitation of the PC Speaker.

Thanks for the suggestions.

- Nate >>

good luck. I tihnk youre just about out of it :>

One thing you could do, if you can find a 16-bit pcmcia usb card is get one of usb sound cards. I don't know the details of getting that to work, though, but it's a thought...


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