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Re: aaiiieeee, need some help rebuilding ld-linux.so.2

On Sat, Jan 18, 2003 at 08:57:27AM -0800, Michael K. O'Brien wrote:
> Hola~
> I was trying to downgrade libc6. For some reason, downgrading the package
> didn't update the ld-linux.so.2 link. So, in a moment of idiocy, I removed
> the ld-linux.so.2 so that I could relink it with a different version of
> ld.*.so. Well, after removing the link, I can't actually resolve any commands,
> which makes it difficult to rebuild the link.
> Is there any way to run a command without ld-linux.so.2? Is there any way to
> fix my system.

Yup, but you need one of two things: another root partition - a repair
and recovery disk like Tom's rtbt, or a statically linked toolchain
(one that needs no dynamically linked libraries) - all of /sbin
should be statically linked, but sadly for you doesn't have ln.

A quick google gives

http://www.toms.net/rb/ for Tom's
As a list of likely candidates

or even gnoppix for linux-on-a-cd, from which you could just mount your
hd and fix the link from there.



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