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Re: Installation problem (PCMCIA/Network card related)

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 02:53:01PM +0100, Jord Swart wrote:
> On Thursday 09 January 2003 19:27, Phil Reynolds wrote:
> > In accordance with my changing work role, I have just received a laptop,
> > and been advised to run an operating system I know well and can run X
> > clients on.

I found a solution which will work with this card.

Proceed as normal up to and including configuring PCMCIA support. 

Press Alt-F2 to go to the shell window. Start the shell and cd /etc/pcmcia.
Using nano-tiny, edit the file config.opts, and uncomment the include line
near the top of the file, the one directly below the note that high port
numbers do not always work. Press Alt-F1, and re-do the PCMCIA configuration.
This will successfully load the driver. Proceed to "Configure the network",
and then "Install the base system".

The driver is part of the pcmcia-cs modules.

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