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Re: Autosetup WLAN

In /etc/network/interfaces,  add the following to the eth0 section:

	wireless_key 725b4498e0f157c9003b7a8080 [1]

then the standard ifup should make it work.


Andrew J Perrin - http://www.unc.edu/~aperrin
Assistant Professor of Sociology, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
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On Sat, 11 Jan 2003, Johan Svedberg wrote:

> Hi, all!
> I recently got myself a Netgear MA401 and it's working fine on my
> machine using the orinoco driver in 2.4.19.
> However I can only get it to work when I setup the interface manually:
>     iwconfig eth0 key 725b4498e0f157c9003b7a8080 [1]
> But doing this everytime I want to play WLAN is quite painful, so I want
> to have it done automagiclly. I have not poked around to much with this
> but what I have tried is simply putting the information in
> /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts without any success.
> It would be very helpful if someone could tell me the exact steps I have
> to go trough to get it to work automagically.
> Here is how the card is recognized:
>     eth0: Station identity 001f:0004:0001:0003
>     eth0: Looks like an Intersil firmware version 1.03
>     eth0: Ad-hoc demo mode supported
>     eth0: IEEE standard IBSS ad-hoc mode supported
>     eth0: WEP supported, 104-bit key
>     eth0: MAC address 00:30:AB:11:68:DD
>     eth0: Station name "Prism  I"
>     eth0: ready
>     eth0: index 0x01: Vcc 5.0, irq 3, io 0x0100-0x013f
> Regards,
> -- 
> Johan Svedberg, winkle@acc.umu.se, http://www.acc.umu.se/~winkle
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