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Re: Memory errors?

Check out memtest86.  If you do find some bad ram, a kernel patch exists
so that Linux will ignore those areas, still allowing you to use it.  I
have not tried either but I remember coming across them. The kernel
patch package is kernel-patch-badram

On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 16:44, Norman Walsh wrote:
> Anyway, I suspect that it has some bad RAM. Programs just sporadically
> crash on it (with a segfault, most often). Shell scripts, emacs,
> vncviewer, a browser, you name it, they all run sometimes and crash
> sometimes. Sometimes they crash right away, sometimes they run for a
> while.

> - - Are there other possibilities?
> - - Are there any Linux tools that I can use to test the integrity of
>   physical RAM?

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> Keith Geffert <keith@penguingurus.com>

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