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Re: APM or ACPI on IBM Thinkpad R30

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Carl <marcus@die.burse.uni-hamburg.de> writes:

[cut details ...]

Marcus> It seems to me that only the R30 series has the probelm. The R31
Marcus> and R32 series seems to working fine.

I have the same laptop (at least the same series), and I've experienced
the same thing.  (I was going to try out 2.4.20 with the new ACPI
patches, but I guess I know now that it doesn't work.)

One thing that I'm planning on trying soon is the swsusp patch:
It implements hibernation in software.  I'm planning on trying it out
when I recompile my kernel (in a few days).

The R31 and R32 series have very different chipsets from the R30, which,
From what I can tell, are better supported by Linux.

BTW, on my site, I have a page,
<http://www.uhoreg.ca/thinkpadr30linux.html>, which documents some of my
experience with Linux on my laptop.  You might find some helpful hints
there, or if you have any tips of your own, let me know and I'll add

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