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APM or ACPI on IBM Thinkpad R30


I am running a Debian unstable/testing on my Thinkpad R30.
The problem is that I don't want to reboot the thinkpad when I changing places, but suspend isn't working correcly.

The APM Driver is setting the thinkpad into the suspend mode, but the RAM and the CPU are still hot and the fan is spinning. The fan is still spinning after some hours in suspend mode. The Battery lasts about 1 hour longer than in normal operation.

I also tested the sourceforge ACPI drivers with 2.4.19, 2.4.20 and some 2.5.x kernels. This also doesn't work. These drivers display only strange graphics on the screen when going into suspend mode.

Under Windows APM is working fine and the battery is lasting for 1-2 days in suspend mode.

It seems to me that only the R30 series has the probelm. The R31 and R32 series seems to working fine.

Has anyone got some information about this topic?


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