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Samsung MP3 Player YEPP-NEU


I've a samsung mp3 player, a yepp-neu with 32 Mb + 64 on flash and i'm looking for an app to enable the upload of mp3 to it...

I've been looking on the web for such an app. but all i could find was the sulu project. (a Gtk app). The problem is that in the main page it's said that the app. can connect to the YEPP but not to mine :-)

I've been looking it's source code, i've no experience on linux programming :-(, and i found out that the USB id for the YEPP device was not the same i got when i connect the YEPP to my linux laptop and typed dmesg.
Under the code it was defined: #define YEPP_PRODUCT    0x5A03
But my YEPP says 0x5A00, so i changed it compiled it and crashed :-) (it say's that there was an error with the protocol) don't know why...

So... is there any app. that can connect to my stupid mp3 player?

Paulo Lopes.

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