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Re: Sony Vaio EEPROM, testers wanted

> You then need to install the lm-sensors packages. For stable and
> testing, you'll need an additional program, i2cdetect (it is included
> in the unstable lm-sensors package). Just get it from here:
> http://www2.lm-sensors.nu/~lm78/cvs/browse.cgi/lm_sensors2/prog/detect/i2cdetect.c
> And compile it with:
> gcc -Wall -O2 i2cdetect.c -o i2cdetect

Christian Gennerat noticed that you actually can't compile from the file
directly, because the webcvs numbers the lines. Either remove the line
numbers with perl:
perl -pi -e 's/^.......//;' i2cdetect.c
Or get the original source from here:

Sorry for not thinking about this problem at first.

Jean Delvare

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