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Re: Which laptop!!!

"Jean-Marc V. Liotier" <jim@jipo.com> wrote on 13/11/2002 (15:11) :
> Could you please substantiate that with some facts ? I agree that Dell
> is not the best for reliability (they don't survive rough nomadic lives,
> although they are fine as movable desktops) and that given enough cash I
> would rather buy from IBM. But we have a gaggle of Dell laptops and find
> them to be a good compromise given the price. I'm currently typing on an
> Inspiron 4000 with Debian and I am quite satisfied. But then I never
> asked Dell for Linux support : all I have done I did myself with a
> little community support.


According to one that had this laptop The point is that you get the
answer : "We don't support Linux" from Dell, while from Acer they said
he could return the laptop if it didn't work with Linux.

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