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Re: Which laptop!!!


On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, I?aki Mart?nez wrote:

> Hi!!!
>  I want to buy a laptop and i do not know which......
>  What i want to do (with Debian):
>   * Read emails with mutt
>   * Program C and/or C++ applications with SDL
>     If possible using anjuta if not any text editor
>   * Test SDL applications (with or whithout X)
>     using SVGAlib or Framebuffer or any else.
>  Requirements (in order of importance):
>   * Weight (as less as possible)
>   * RAM 256 (128 Minimum)
>   * Video if posible **NOT** SHARED memory
>   * Linux well supported, PCMCIA, NET, so on.
>   * I can buy in Europe if possible in Spain
>  I have seen this models...
>  Sony Vaio PictureBook
>  Fujitsu P2000 Series
>  Asus M2000 Series
>  and several others....
>  Thanks in advancd.....
The ONLY brand I can recommend for Debian (and in general) is IBM!
They provide good support for Open Source projects (Linux Kernel!) --
this must be honored, and Linux simply runs on every IBM Laptop I have
seen so far without any pain.

However, I spent a couple of days already just installing fucked up
Dells and Compaqs...  I do not know of any real support by them for
the Open Source development! (Maybe they provide servers, but common,
this is just a gadget.  Real support is development-man-power)

However, it's up to you!

PS: And it's like everywhere: You get what you pay!
Lukas Ruf
http://www.lpr.ch                                 http://www.maremma.ch    
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