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Re: [Q] From RedHat to Debian

With an existing Red Hat installation, if you haev a fast network
connection, I'd recommend using the instructions at 

I've used the instructions for two installations.  I've had to
improvise a little bit at minor points (and of course, I didn't keep a
good record of where those were).  But working in the chroot
environment felt pretty safe and easily "reversible".

You need one empty partition to install into.

At 09:26:09 on day 5 of November 2002, Young-Jin Lee spread the news:

 > I am new to Debian and I am looking for some help
 > installing Debian on my Thinkpad laptop.
 > What is the best strategy to replace the existing
 > RedHat Linux with Debian?
 > In other words, I already have linux partitions on my
 > laptop and I have downloaded one of mininum CD
 > (LordSutch.com ISOLINUX mini-ISO image ,
 > http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/debian-cd/). Is there any
 > way for me easily to replace the RedHat linux with
 > Debian?

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