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Re: Problem with daemon when offline

From: "Derek Broughton" <dbroughton@attcanada.ca>

> From: "Preben Randhol" <randhol+debian@pvv.org>
> > If I for example set up exim to be run as a daemon, my laptop willhang
> > for several second when I boot it and it is not connected to a network.
> > Is there a way to avoid this? I was looking at netenv, is this the
> > correct program to use? Are there others?
> That's two questions.  I have exim running on mine and I haven't noticed a
> at startup when I'm not on the network, so I'm pretty sure you can avoid that.
> There are any number of schemes for network detection.  whereami (see recent
> thread "How to manager [sic] different network environments?"), intuitively,
> laptop-net, laptop-netconf, guessnet are all capable of _detecting_ your
> connections.  ifplugd and at least one of the above can detect when the
> cable is inserted/removed even if the pcmcia card is left in.

senselessly replying to my own post (sorry, I have  a cold and my brain isn't
working right :-) )

Another option is to just trigger your networking daemons from "ifup"/"ifdown" -
but exim is one I expect to be up whether or not I'm connected, which is why you
need to fix it anyway.

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