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Re: poweroff and reboot

Dominik Juszczyk wrote:

Firstly about hardware: Sony Vaio PCG-FX215 with Debian Woody installed

I have problem with reboot. When I want to reboot my laptop, it is
rebooting, but after that it shows only Sony welcome message, and than
stops. To make it work I have to press power button for few seconds, and
turn it on again.
When I want to turn it off, it shows me power down, and than I have to
turn it of with power buton.

I have compiled in APM support for BIOS, and Power Managment (kernel
2.4.18), I'm using lilo, but in lilo.conf I have no entries about power.

Does anyone know what to do with that??

either type linux noapic at the prompt, or put the line


in yer lilo.conf

the second is better, but try the first first to make sure it works.


ps just thought of a third - don't reboot, poweroff... ;-)

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