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Re: running debian on a laptop

From: "Andre Berger" <uzscd5@uni-bonn.de>

> * Derek Broughton <dbroughton@netcom.ca>, 2002-11-04 08:00 -0500:
> >
> > hmmm.  I'm running 2.4.19.  I know it worked fine with 2.4.9, and 2.4.16 -
> > but I actually don't have a use for it anymore (I live in an off-grid
> > where I have to use a serial port cell-modem) so I can't guarantee it's
> > on 2.4.19.  I loaded the ltmodem sources and then use the debian build
> > to build the ltmodem*.deb for each kernel upgrade.
> >
> She's using 2.4.18-686 from woody. It works neither with
> self-compiled sources nor with pre-built .debs. From what I've read
> this might be related to a BIOS issue: Her version A07 might not be
> compatible with auto-assigning IRQs as required by ltmodem?
> But it's good know that at least it works at all.

Could be.  I think my first compile was with BIOS A10 - at least I'm sure it was
later than A07.  So you could try upgrading the BIOS. I haven't seen any
problems introduced by later BIOSes (unless A07 is APM compatible, in which case
you'll lose that and gain less than stellar ACPI support).

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