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Re: How to enable sound with Intel AC'97 on Sony VAIO GRX316G?


> Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
> i810_audio             19968   0  (unused)
> soundcore               3492   2  [i810_audio]
> ac97_codec              9344   0  [i810_audio]
>   How do I know that sound does work now? I used the gnome control
> center to play some sounds, but haven't heard anything. I also have'nt
> got any error messages though.

try to play some mp3 and ensure your Mater and PCM volumes are not muted.

However, I have a similar laptop GR7/K and I had to recompile the kernel with ACPI support to have a fully functional system (without ACPI I had problems with sound, modem, memorystick slot). 


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