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RE: Problems installing via PLIP+NFS


> Dear list,
> I'm busy installing Debian GNU/Linux on my old TOPLINE MEDIANOTE. 
> This is a
> 486-laptop running at 50 MHz with 8 MB RAM. Since it has no CD-ROM or
> network-connection, I have to use a PLIP-link with my desktop 
> (also running
> Debian) to access files trough NFS.
> First, I've tried the bootfloppies that come on the Debian 3.0 
> CD-ROM. They
> boot properly, the root disk loads but then the laptop hangs and doesn't
> continue to the installation menu.
> Next, I downloaded older bootfloppies from the latest 2.2-release and
> managed to boot into the installation system. After loading the 4
> driver-disks and playing around for a long while, I eventually managed to
> bring up a working PLIP-link! After letting my desktop machine masquerade
> traffic from the laptop, I could even ping hosts on the internet. This
> seemed to work well. So I told the installation system to download stuff
> over the network, from the internet. But, it kept saying that it couldn't
> resolve hostnames while the ping command could!
> My last strategy: I downloaded the base2_2.tgz and placed in on 
> my desktop.
> Exported the filesystem and mounted it on the laptop. Again: fine. Choose
> the method nfs for installing the base system in the installation 
> menu ....
> and here come's the big problem:
> After running for a while, the installer exits and gets 
> restarted. No error
> messages on the messages-console, just the message that it's restarted
> because it exited. Also tried to manually cp the base2_2.tgz to the local
> drive to install it from there, same story: after a while, the console
> running cp exits and gets restarted. Also tried to run the 
> cp-process in the
> background - this also gets killed after, say, 5 minutes.
> What could be the problem here? It seems that al processes get killed if
> they run 'too long' or something? Is there a way to prevent this from
> happening? Or is this a bug that should not happen?

Maybe using slip is a better way to get this to work.
Slip is a wellknow and an old methode.
connect a null-modem kabel between your laptop and the desktop.

> Kind regards,
> Sjon Wijnolst,
> The Netherlands.
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Jan van Gils

With regards Jan H. van Gils
Internet web-page http://www.Knoware.NL/users/janvg/
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