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Re: kdebase: patterns over the screen


> I have problem to describe the problem, but when using KDE, there are
> some very strange patterns displayed over some applications (my computer
> is Compaq Presario 1200 notebook with Trident Cyberblade on Display). It

> Do you have explanation for this mystical patterns?

this happened to me a few years ago on a portable suitcase system with a 
Trident Cyber9397 and a TFT-display.  The only solution was to force XFree to 
use hand-modded modelines. It took ages to get that chip running stable and 
necessitated simple trial-and error over and over again. Sorry, can't give 
you a more sensible solution.. :(

 Frank Trenkamp                               ftrenkam@uos.de
 PGP fprt: 5A0C 4AE9 74A5 51F0 2D34  E7DC 67FF 32C4 0357 5653

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