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Re: [OT] Sharp "Zaurus" aka SL5500PDA

Very good place to start (there are many links):

I have bought one recently and like it very much.
With all the expansions and the price of Compact Flash
going down fast...

PS: Nowadays the price is simply amazing.
You can get sl-5500 for $330 or so.

On Sun, Sep 29, 2002 at 07:25:32PM +0100, Chris Evans wrote:
> I've had a look for a linux-PDA list but there doesn't seem to be one 
> yet somewhat to my surprise nor does the sharp.co.uk site point me to 
> anything so I'm assuming this is a sensible first place to ask if 
> anyone...
> a) can point me to a good place to link up with people who have 
> bought one, or
> b) get some feedback from anyone who has (to me rather than list as 
> this is clearly a bit off topic).
> I'm sorely tempted, my 2nd trusty old psion III series having died 
> and my Palm replacement having proved seemingly unreliable and not 
> really to my taste ... now it seems I can have my choice OS on 
> seemingly a nice looking bit of hardware.  Costly though so I want to 
> hear from others who've taken the plunge.
> TIA,
> Chris
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