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Re: Display specs on Gateway Solo 1200 & Woody's Xfree86 4x SOLVED=(Savage)

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On Saturday 31 August 2002 11:28 am, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
> On Saturday 31 August 2002 10:19 am, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
> > If I boot into init 1, I can use the console fine, but when I start init
> > 2, it locks up with blank screen, or odd stripes on the screen.
> > Anyone see this problem before?
> Traced this problem to pcmcia.  I've removed it from init.d and can now run
> the computer in run level 2.
> > Also, does anyone know where I can obtain info on the display, who built
> > it, specs for xfree etc?
> So far, I've tried:
> 	S3Virge, all settings, then frame buffer, all settings.  Error reported is
> "no screns found"
> 	VGA, basic 640x480 settings, then frame buffer,  Error reported is
> "AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 0"
> As far as I can learn from Windows-xp, the video is: S3-VIA Twister 8mb (S3
> SDAC).  No details on the display were found except it handles
> 1024/768@32bits@60Hz.

To answer my own questoin, the X4.x supports the twister video card with the 
Savage driver on the xserver.  The only mode I couldn't configure was 
640/480, where the mouse doesn't want to line up with the page (odd).  I 
haven't tested the 24bit yet either, but I'll try it after I finish the rest 
of my installation.  Is this fun?

I would still like to learn the full parameters of the LCD display.  Guess it 
is time to start pounding on Gateways support center.

THanks all, sri for bugging the list!


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