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Display specs on Gateway Solo 1200 & Woody's Xfree86 4x

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    Hello List:

I have parted the hard drive of this laptop and now have a basic install of 
Woody, lilo, and win-xp.  My problem now is that if I boot normally, during 
the last of initd my computer screen goes blank and the system locks up.

Verified the system is locking by testing the CAPS LOCK key, and from pinging 
it from my gateway box.

I moved xdm out of init.d and rc2.d, but still this is happening.

If I boot into init 1, I can use the console fine, but when I start init 2, 
it locks up with blank screen, or odd stripes on the screen.

Anyone see this problem before?

Also, does anyone know where I can obtain info on the display, who built it, 
specs for xfree etc?


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