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Re: Libretto

Richard Ibbotson wrote:
> Hi
> I've asked some of the SuSE and RedHat folks about and all that came 
> back were helpful replies to the effect that I was more or less 
> wasting my time with those distributions if I wanted to use Linux 
> with a Toshiba Libretto 100CT.
I've worked with a handful of the small models (70 and 50, I think).
If anyone knows how the 100 differs from these then they're welcome to
chime in.

Because of the arrangement that prevents the 50 from booting via CD, and 
from speaking to a floppy and a CD at the same time, I found it easiest
to simply take them apart, mount the drive at another system[*] and
load them up there.

You must leave the reserved room for your hibernation.

LILO didn't like the geometry it got when LILO'd at a desktop, but 
loaded properly back in the libretto, it was easy to use Tom's Rtbt
(http://www.toms.net/rb/) and chroot in to re-run /sbin/lilo.

Tastes great, less filling up your knapsack :)
> I've seen quite a few Librettos working with Debian Linux and so 
> thinking that there shouldn't be a problem with that I thought I'd 
> write to this list. Can anyone suggest which boot floppies to use to 
> get the PCMCIA based CD-Rom and floppy drives to work so that I can 
> install Debian into my Libretto ?
If there exists a boot floppies set to point you straight at the net.
and you can use ether and floppies at the same time, I'd say that's
your best bet.

Failing that, the complete floppies set can load Base on your system,
but Base may not include pcmcia...  Note that you don't actually need
cardmgr to use pcmcia services though, it can be sufficient to have
the modules, and modprobe them yourself.  Then you get to ifconfig
for yourself too.

I think I've seen people describing using parallel link installs but
I've never done it that way.
> -- 
> Thanks
> Richard
> www.sheflug.co.uk

Enjoy your new libretto, they're cute little beasties.

-* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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