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Re: using floppies and cdrom


I am unfamiliar with your particular laptop, but on my Hitachi laptop
I can just switch the floppy drive and the cdrom while the computer is on,
as the controller for the floppy and the cdrom are detected at startup.
If you can swap the drives while the computer is running, all you would
have to do is proceed with the install until it asks for the cdrom and then just
insert the cdrom drive and continue.

Hope that helps,

Cheryl Homiak wrote:

I am using a IBM thinkpad T23. The cdrom and floppy drive are interchangeable in
the ultrabay. My problem is that the special Speakup-enabled disks I must use to
have speech during the install, since i am blind are floppies. But because I
don't have internet or network up and running yet, I have to use the cdrom
option to install the packages. If I turn off the computer in the midst of the
install in order to put the cdrom in instead of the floppy drive, will I then be
unable to take up the install again? Is there any way around this problem?


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