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Re: how can I get my laptop mousepad...uninstall it

> How do I uninstall my mouse touchpad in my laptop.

You can't "uninstall" it. The driver IS gpm or a part of Xfree.
So as long as you run neither gpm nor Xfree your mouse is kind of
uninstalled. (the ps2 port is still installed though.)

> on the internet as to download. With Windows I
> can with another computer. What can I do?

Get Debian woody CDs. ;)

> Thanks Erich , let me know. Where are mdetect and 
> discover packages..are they in potato 2.2.19...??

No, i was referring to woody. I don't remember if there was anything
similar on potato...
The only potato machine i've been using the last two years is a server
that has neither a mouse nor a screen, nor an x-server...

Make sure that the kernel you are using includes support for ps/2 (check
dmesg output); the correct driver for the mouse most probably is PS2.
Don't use gpm.


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