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Net installation from hard drive??

I am trying to set up Debian Woody on a Sony Vaio SR17 subnotebook. This 
machine has no floppy, and no cd, which means installation from FAT partition 
on local hard drive, or over the network, or physically pulling the hard 
drive out and putting it in a desktop (which I'd rather avoid).

This machine was running potato, but ended up with some very odd errors that 
effectively would not let any XFree86 programs run. After various posts to 
debian-user, debian-kde, debian-x about the "unexpected inconsistency 
detected by ld.so" error I was receiving, with no responses, I figured that 
the only thing to do was clean it off and start with a new Woody install.

I had previously installed Potato on this machine, by putting the boot floppy 
images on the FAT partition, running the install.bat file, and then 
completing the install by network. 

I just tried to do this with Woody, but when the installation is started from 
the hard drive it appers there is no option to continue with a net install - 
it looks as though I need to have the entire installation archive on the 
local disk.

Is this correct, or have I missed something?? If starting the install from a 
hard disk, is it no longer possible to install the base system over the 



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