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Re: Strange behaviour

Matthew Guenther <guentherm@asme.org> writes:

> I recently got a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 8200) and have installed testing
> on it and set up pretty much everything as I like it.  However I've run into
> a problem that I haven't seen before which confounds all my attempts to sort
> it out.
> Basically, after a few days of uptime, it seems as though some processes
> stop working correctly, not starting properly and also refuse to quit
> or allow themselves to be killed.  Specifically terminal windows (xterm,
> rxvt) open, but do not run a shell, and XEmacs also hangs midway through
> initialization.  There are also numerous qmail-local processes stuck, but
> which refuse to be killed.  Also, any PCMCIA cards I have in the machine
> work until they are ejected, but nothing happens when they are reinserted.
> I am still able to log in fine from the console, and the affected processes
> do not appear to be zombies, so I am at a loss as to what is going on under
> the hood.
> I compiled my own kernel (2.4.18) and tried some new options that I'd not
> used before such as devfs, ext3, alsa and hotplug support so I'm wondering
> if this could be a kernel problem.  Anyone heard of something like this
> happening before?

Err, you did read Documentation/filesystems/devfs/README, didn't you?
If not, recompile your kernel without devfs and I think your problems
will disappear.

Using devfs takes a bit more than a CONFIG_DEVFS_FS=y in your config.
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