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Re: dhcp while booting the system?

On Mon August 19 2002 16:18, Brian Mays wrote:
> Original post:
> > > all my notebook systems run fine except one point (it is the same on
> > > every maschine): the dhcpclient is apparently started before the
> > > pcmcia services are up. ... I can not believe that I'am the only one
> > > who want network access from the first time on.


> > See /etc/pcmcia/network.opts (and the package pcmcia-cs)
> See also /usr/share/doc/pcmcia-cs/FAQ.Debian.gz

    # Use DHCP (via /sbin/dhcpcd, /sbin/dhclient, or /sbin/pump)? [y/n]

Thanks, I forgot this setting. Now I have to look further how to manage it to 
start the automounter after an ip adress is assigned.

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