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Re: dhcp while booting the system?

> all my notebook systems run fine except one point (it is the same on every
> maschine): the dhcpclient is apparently started before the pcmcia services
> are up. When I power up the system it gets no IP address from the server,
> when I remove the pcmcia card and plug it in again, the client gets an ip
> address. The build in wlan card has the same problem. No dhcp success
> booting the system, but when the system is up i can get an address by
> 'dhclient eth0'.
> Any hints how to solve this? I can not believe that I'am the only one who
> network access from the first time on.

You're not.  But debian usually configures laptops correctly to do dhcp and
other such network related initialization at network startup, not boot time.

See /etc/pcmcia/network.opts (and the package pcmcia-cs)

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